Who We Are

Darla-Jane Gilroy and Henrietta Knight are futurologists and cultural analysts, with a track record of providing unique interpretations that provide their clients with a competitive advantage.

Darla-Jane Gilroy has a long involvement with design education, lecturing at the University of the Arts, St Martin's School of Art and The Royal College of Art.

After years of predicting trends in the fashion industry, she has pioneered futurology as a mainstream way of thinking for commercial clients.

Henrietta Knight is an investigative journalist who has worked in London and Los Angeles. She was the creator and editor of a website now owned by Associated Newspapers.

She and Darla-Jane have worked on numerous predictive research projects before setting up The Future Perfect in 1999.

The Future Perfect has an extended team of researchers worldwide who contribute to our ongoing research database.

We also have experts and specialists who advise on specific projects.

Futurology is not an exact science, what sets The Future Perfect apart from other predictive agencies is the ability to blend creative vision with real world strategic planning to create a unique insight into the future.